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  • Electrodes, Inc. has the most experienced sales team in the industry

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    Electrodes, Inc. has the most experienced sales team in the industry

  • Electrodes - Large Enough to Supply North America

    Large Enough To Supply North America

    EDM Materials & Supplies

Large Enough to Supply North America!

Electrodes, Inc. was started in the 1960s and was a pioneer of the new technology of Electrical Discharge Machining. We began selling EDM materials and supplies to service this new industry and for over 50 years we remain the premier distributor of EDM products in North America.

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Burn the competition with Firewire!

Are you looking for an EDM wire that you can TRUST on your unattended burns? Firewire is the world’s first non-coated alloy with the added strength of Magnesium. Firewire contains a new fine grain structure that results in unsurpassed, consistent wire threading with exceptional cleanliness. Our anti-vibration technology results in a more stable cut with no bow, […]

Two Shops Are Better Than One!

With machining centers in the Northeast and Mid-West, Electrodes Inc can handle all of your EDM graphite electrode needs. We carry various grades from the best names in the business such as Isocarb and Poco. From blanks and rounds to custom 3-D electrodes, we’ve specialized in machining graphite for over 50 years. Our quality control departments utilize […]